Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Words For Sin

Sin used to be called sin and people actually felt bad and convicted about it. Now we have so many new names for sin so that we can keep from feeling bad and convicted. Here are some examples - instead of sin, we now call it a complex, an addiction, a dependency, a mental disorder, a chemical imbalance, an obsession, a phobia, a quirk, an indiscretion, a mis-spoken word, a mistake, etc....

I'm not trying to say that none of these other ideas and words don't have their place as far as our present problems go but we have certainly come a long way in making ourselves feel better about our sin by trying to find something other than ourselves to blame it on. Maybe our culture and today's church would both be in a better place if we all still called sin what it is. It is not a complex or any of the other things listed above, it is missing the mark that God has set for our lives and without Jesus, sin keeps us separated from Him. Sin has, is, and always will be sin!!! No culture or word changes will ever change the fact that sin is war against God and keeps people from Him!